Welcome to RSR Builders

Now we are living in the fast growing modern world. We are noticing many environmental changes in a short period to short period. All governments are eagerly allocating funds for the Infrastructure developments as well as all construction developments.

In this environment, we are also dreaming about our future homes based on our budget. In our country there are so many builders & contractors are there to do the building construction. So while searching a builders for the construction of your dream home, keep one thing in your mind. Which builder should provide the better quality with affordable cost. Because it is not just a house. It is your future home. It will be the part of all your future occasions.

In our company we are working with the slogan “Build your Rapture” which means we build your future happiness. And also we fixed our quality policy as “Build the high quality building with affordable price on time”.

In the fast growing world we are new growing company in the construction Industry. We are expecting you also be the part of our success…!

Director’s Message

I started my own construction in 2016 which named as “RSR Builders” after 10 years of my construction experiences which cultured from wherever I worked earlier.

I always remember one thing in my mind and hard work for that, which is “Buildings are not just buildings; they are part of our future happiness”.

For that only I fixed our slogan as “We build your Rapture”. And also we committed our work to deliver the high quality building with affordable price on time. We will never compromise with our quality product delivery.

Er. R. Rajiv, DCE, BE (Civil)